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Hi! I’m Ranjan. We’re so glad you dropped in!

You are the reason we love what we do, and that would be serving you with the best art photography in Kolkata. Your smiles, your stories – every joyous moment that filters through our cameras confirm our suspicion that life is oh so good. Preserving those moments makes our job deeply rewarding. Our own story begins with such a moment.

There is no “perfect” camera for street photography. Don’t fall into GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

We love to create memories through photography. It is the purest and direct way of expression and communication. It is truly a universal language. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to exceeding your expectations--because you should expect the very best. We listen and try to understand the needs of our portrait clients. Whether we are capturing a family portrait that will fortify family bonds and be passed down for generations to come, or celebrating a major milestone in a graduating senior’s young life. Our style when approaching children’s photography is patience. That sometimes brings out a beautiful posed portrait or an adorable un-posed candid that you will treasure for years. We prefer to capture the real moments in the life of your child--the ones where something silly sparks squeals of laughter, where new discoveries bring about a sense of wonderment or where an expression of absolute trust and serenity reaches the face of a child secure in the arms of their loved ones. These concepts create us as one of the best concept photographers of Kolkata.

Our philosophy: tell unforgettable stories through images that speak volumes. Our work spans the country. We’re profoundly grateful to God for each other, for our children, for art, for life, and for the amazing people who share it with us every day. Until we meet, here’s to your happy ending!

Reach out to the best fashion photographs in Kolkata from the world of Ranjan Photography and make yourself stand out of the crowd. Welcome to the world of Ranjan Bhattacharya Photography.  We know a photograph or a picture is worth a thousand words and so it is necessary to get the best pictures out of anyone. And that can only be done with the help professional photographers. 
Want to capture the best moments of your most awaited wedding? Get in touch with the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to click every important moment of your entire wedding ceremony. They are the best persons to rely on for getting some of the unique kind of pictures of your wedding.  Wedding ceremony happens once in a lifetime and so it is important to make all those moments spent with your family, friends, and with your life-partner special. For that you need to take the help of a professional who will be able to frame all your memories at the ceremony.
It can be a hassle for anyone to find out a commercial photographer in Kolkata, but it is not so difficult to find out some commercial photographers in town when you have us beside you.  For those who do not know, commercial photography is an area of photography where a photographer captures images to sell them, or advertise, or even to help the promotion of a business. If you are in hunt for such images or photographers, you can always get in touch with us, at the world of Ranjan Bhattacharya Photography.
Weddings are all about memories, moments, and magic and pictures can create magic.  And that magic can be enhanced with the help of some good pictures of your memories and moments that you have at the ceremony. Contact us to get the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to cherish the moments all your life.


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It is so important to keep in mind that a modeling portfolio is not only to show your good looks but it should also convey your abilities to portray different characters.

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Candid photography is all about shooting photos of people when they have no idea about it. One of the beauties of photography is being able to catch someone in the act

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In today’s hustle and bustle, advertisement has become one of the integral parts of our lives. Advertisement or in short ad campaigns are held throughout the globe.

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Ranjan bhattacharya and his team understand how much your wedding means to you, this flashes in our photography. We believe in portraying all emotions of your special day

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It’s a growing trend where engaged couples decide to have professional clicks taken in a special location before their wedding day.

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Alfresco photography is that one which is clicked outside. In other words it means close to nature or include mother nature in your fine sense of camera frame.

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