Movie Posters

In the several years of cinemas history, despite the advance of marketing and advertising, there is one form of movie advertising that has remained same; the movie poster. The posters set the visual tone for the film and therefore may have a massive bearing on the opinions of critics and fans alike. An extensive range of photography types can be seen within movie posters. Here, Ranjan Bhattacharya and his team are to capture this moving picture or idea and translate it into a still image that will go on to represent the entire movie. We are the best in movie poster shoots and so much passionate about our work. When ranjan and his team are behind the lens every click is just a treat to watch. Probably, they paint with lights. This team is one of the best photography team in kolkata, india. In today‘s era, the posters are so much important aspect for the promotions. We are all here to give a best experience to our clients and feel them amazing with our outputs.

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