Pre Wedding

It’s a growing trend where engaged couples decide to have professional clicks taken in a special location before their wedding day. This photography usually has done a few months before the wedding and the couples wear their wedding outfits and pick their favorite poses and location to save forever through clicks. Here, Ranjan Bhattacharya and his experienced team give you the best work. We are the best pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata. Some couples want the comfort level with the photographers and our team will make sure to give the same as you want.

Our team loves to travel and they are always up on their toes to capture the magical movements. They thrive by capturing precious memories which never fade. We love to be with you in your beautiful days and paint your pictures like an artist. Our team tries to build a beautiful castle through your clicks. We have a brilliant team with us who are so much dedicated and passionate. Ranjan has out-standing thoughts to play with your clicks and make it so real. In fact, he is so particular about the tricks to take a click. He & his team is the best pre-wedding photographer in India. He makes our pre-wedding snaps so vibrant and beautiful.

Pre wedding photoshoot Kolkata have become a recent trend and many of the modern and contemporary couples decide to have some professional clicks with the help of best pre wedding photographers in Kolkata in a location which is special for both of them prior to their wedding. This kind of photography is done some months before the big day and they dress according to their preference, pick up some of their favorite poses and choose a location to do the photo-shoot. They click these pictures so that they can save them forever.
Some of the things which the clients should remember before going on for pre wedding photoshoots are the couple should meet the pre wedding photographers in kolkata much before the big day so that they can discuss about the personal styling theme, if any, that is preferred by them. The bride must have some good clothes in order to match the theme of the photoshoot. Try to choose the location much before the shoot otherwise it can be problem later on. Trust is the priority for the couple and so both the bride and groom must trust upon the photographer so that they can get the best moments of you both. Everything should be just perfect for the photoshoot and so you must look for the best good pre wedding photographers in Kolkata.
If you want to do artistic pre wedding photography in Kolkata, you can get in touch with us, Ranjan Bhattacharya photography. Artistic photography is a section of photography which have not been experimented by much people, so if you love to experiment or if you are an experimental couple then you can opt for this. We assure that we will not make you disappointed. We just expect to get the trust from you so that we can give the best to you.

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